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  Project Profile
  Brazil (Recife)

Boy's Home / Camp
Volunteers for Christ
Recife, Brazil
eMiC Project 5408

June 2006

Project Status
December 2012: Phase II construction complete

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC team leader
Gary MacPhee - eMi US team leader
Enoch Chee - eMiC intern
John Jhee - eMi US intern
Sharon Kim - eMi US intern
Stuart Saulters - eMi US intern
Daniel King - architect
Tim Huff - structural engineer
Michael Young - structural engineer
Kelly Smith - civil engineer
Butch Watson - civil engineer / surveyor
Tom Wood - civil engineer / surveyor


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Original Project Scope
Children form the favellas (the slums) live an unsupervised life. Most do not have fathers, and their mothers work long hours away from home for wages that can barely keep a family alive. The life-story of most of these children involves only loss and tragedy. Kid’s Place is a place for kids from the favellas to come where they are safe, loved, and helped. Kids can come to receive food, homework assistance, basic life skills training, and an introduction to Christ’s love and the freeing truth of the Bible. Kid’s Place is also a place where orphans are welcomed and cared for, whether they stay for only a transition time or long-term.

The ministry of Kid’s Place builds a relationship with families in the favellas, opening the doors of trusted access into the lives of these forgotten families. The love of Christ is being demonstrated and proven through the outreach of Kid’s Place staff members. The presence of a Kid’s place facility will provide a place for worship and church gatherings, and in addition to establishing a local church to meet spiritual needs, one of the most effective tools for reaching the young people of Northeastern Brazil is a week at camp, which Kid’s Place will also provide. Volunteers for Christ’s philosophy has been heavily influenced by Young Life.

VFC was formed as a partnership of several Americans with Lecio Wanderly, a Brazilian national well-known for establishing and running Christian camps. They have purchased 40 acres of rural land about a half-hour outside Recife on which they intend to establish a new Kid’s Place Camp and outreach center. They have asked eMi to master plan the new camp and all its facilities. Our planning will help establish this center as an outreach that will last generations. Won’t you join us in serving the poor with this demonstration of God’s great love for them?

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