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  Haiti (Petitionville)

God's Littlest Angels Orphanage
God's Littlest Angels
Petitionville, Haiti
eMiC Project 5429

May 25th - June 3rd, 2007

Project Status
November 2008: Design complete. Fundraising underway. Construction underway.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Tom Bastian - eMiAL staff/ architect
Rose Sinnott - eMiC intern
Wes Tse - eMiC intern
Shane Fletcher- architect
Mike Young - structural engineer
Mike Dirk - civil engineer
David Marqhardt - surveyor
Lori Carpenter - hydrogeologist
Clay Cooper - hydrogeologist
Joy Giffin - hydrogeologist

Utility Plan Baby House Rendering Architect's Rendering Visioning with Missionaries Part of the Team Interacting with Orphans
Digging the Foundation Garage in Progress Storage Building

Project Video

Media & Ministry Reports

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Architectural Rendition of the New GLA Orphanage at Fort Jaques, Haiti
God's Littlest Angels (2007)

It was just a site survey . . .
ALS News (September 2007)

Building Project News
God's Littlest Angels Update (June 14, 2007)

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Wiens Wanderings (June 2007)

Original Project Scope
Haiti is generally recognized as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. There are many challenges which the Haitian people face in their daily lives but often the most neglected are those who are weakest and most unable to cope: orphaned and abandoned children.

Since 1994, God's Littlest Angels (GLA) has helped children and families in Haiti by providing intensive nursery care for premature, malnourished and abandoned children in an orphanage setting. They have provided humanitarian and spiritual care for the sick, the infirm, the impoverished and the general public. Another part of their work includes placing orphaned children in Christian homes for adoption. Those working at GLA include 6 permanent foreign staff and over 60 local Haitians.

The purpose of this eMi project is to facilitate GLA's move from leased property to a newly purchase piece of land. On this 4.12 acre piece of land there will be housing for 200 children, housing for the permanent staff, multi-functional gathering spaces for school and social activities, temporary housing for visiting volunteers and eventually a chapel for church. Utilities will be mainly confined to that which is designed and located on-site. The result is a need for locating a well for water, the sizing pumps and water storage tanks, specifying generators for diesel power and exploring alternative energy sources to reduce reliance on the intermittent power grid and diesel oil consumption by the generators.

To meet all of GLA's requirements, more than one eMi team will be required: a first eMi team this summer and a second team in the future when the first phase of construction is substantially underway and sufficient monetary resources have become available. Even so, we will need a full team of volunteers to establish an overall Master Plan, design the first buildings and establish a workable infrastructure.

GLA is a place where hope lives for these children. Come be a part of changing their lives forever!


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