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  Project Profile
  Niger (Galmi)

Galmi Hospital Redevelopment Project
SIM Serving In Mission
Galmi, Niger
eMiC Project 5445

September 26 - October 9, 2007

Project Status
January 2013: Construction complete. Phase II design team sent.

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC team leader
Carmine Leone - architect
Leighton Ginther - urban planner
George Lau - structural engineer
Curtis Upchurch- civil engineer
David De Groot - mechanical/electrical engineer
Gerald De Bruyn - mechanical/electrical tech
Joe Boggs - surveyor
Steve Dueck - drafter/construction mgmt
Darlene Dueck

Existing Hospital Aerial Master Plan Surgical Rendering Site Inspection Design Process Hospital Ward tying column rebar second floor columns suspended slab formwork

Media & Ministry Reports

Redevelopment of Galmi Hospital in Niger
The Youngs EMI Journey (October 21, 2007)

Original Project Scope
After decades in the harsh climate of the sub-Sahara, the existing original Galmi Hospital building in Niger has deteriorated significantly and is, in some places, a structural hazard.

The demand increases for quality health-care, and the vision grows for training and discipleship in the hospital, but Galmi cannot hope to meet the demands, or embrace the vision, without major renovation work.

The current Galmi Hospital building suffers from poor ventilation and a lack of space, not only for the patients, but for visiting family members as well-those who must sojourn on the hospital premises because there is nowhere else they can be housed.

Today the hospital has 110 beds, two operating theatres, an eye clinic, AIDS clinic, malnutrition center and an out patient program that handles over 250 cases per day. Most of the doctors are still Gospel workers but all the nursing and medical support roles are covered by Nigeriens.

Our EMI team will help to evaluate the best course of action and design new facilities to replace the existing, phase by phase, so that existing functions can continue while a new, modern facility is raised around it. This is a surgical hospital that will require sophisticated design specific to health care needs. If you have the skills, here is a great way to serve the people of Niger.

Visit the Galmi Hospital Website


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