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  Project Profile
  Rwanda (Kigali)

Centre for Peace and Reconciliation
African Links Development
Kigali, Rwanda
eMiC Project 5450

February 7th - 19th, 2008

Project Status
March 2009: Design complete.

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC team leader
Philip Chan - eMiC intern
Mike Pond - architect/ builder
Dan King - architect
Beth Shipley - architect
Phil McConnell - structural engineer
Rod Beadle- civil engineer
Joyce Chang - civil engineer
David Marquardt - surveyor
Ashli Marquardt

Site Plan Site Perspective Classroom Plan Rwanda Memorial Discussing the Site Final Presentation


Media & Ministry Reports

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Association of Christian Design Professionals (July 2008)

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Original Project Scope
In April, 1994, genocide engulfed the tiny nation of Rwanda. The current government is making efforts to establish peace and democracy while discouraging any persons or events that would re-ignite animosity between the tribes but there is only so much the government can do.

African Link Developments desires to establish a centre for training, peace, healing and reconciliation. This centre is to facilitate counseling, seminars, leadership training, mediation services, literacy programs, skills training, a library of resources for study and a safe environment for Rwandans to process grief and trauma.

This facility will consist of a village-like set of buildings that will house training/meeting rooms, counseling rooms, a library, food preparation, administrative offices and some guest accommodations.

Come join this EMI team as we partner with African Links Development to bring God's physical, emotional and spiritual healing to the people of Rwanda.


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