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  Project Profile
  Democratic Republic of the Congo (Goma)

Multi-Use Ministry Complex
Community of Baptist Churches in Eastern Congo
eMiC Project 10012

January 28 - February 9, 2010

Project Status
September 2010: Design complete.

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC team leader
Yongjun Ko - eMiC intern
Eliot Meyer - eMiC intern
Daniel King - architect
Sanghoon Youm - architect
Rodney Beadle - civil engineer
Scott Quint - civil engineer
Ruedi Tobler - electrical engineer
David Marquardt - surveyor
Carl Friesen - business/fundraising advisor
Nathan Marquardt - survey assistant
Carol King

Site Plan Library Plan surveying site discussing design Final Presentation

Media & Ministry Reports

Rebuilding CBCEC's ability to help in Goma
CBCEC (2010)

A Vacation with a Purpose
CE News (July 2010)

A Vacation with a Difference
Electrical News (May 6, 2010)

In the Shadow of a Volcano
The Youngs' eMi Journey (March 6, 2010)

Original Project Scope
The Community of Baptist Churches in Eastern Congo (CEBCE), in partnership with WorldVenture, is planning to build a multi-use ministry complex. Ministry facilities will include an administration centre, a medical centre, residential facilities for missionaries, conference rooms, as well as a guest house and commercial block to reinforce the financial capacity of the community. Through this complex, the ministry will be able to organize conferences and seminars, equip and support evangelical teams, finance evangelical crusades, and support Bible Institutes. The ministry will also provide humanitarian support action and promote rural development through local churches by setting up microfinance, assisting orphans and widows, and equiping rural schools and health centres.

We need an EMI team of engineers and architects to prepare a master plan and design this multi-use ministry complex. Will you use your skills to help make this project a reality?


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