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  Project Profile
  Tanzania (Mlandizi)

Upendo Orphanage
Global Aid Network Inc.
eMiC Project 10029

June 8 - 19, 2012

Project Status
August 2012: Design complete.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Nicholas Dunning - eMiC intern
Cary McMinn - architect
Faraja Phares - intern architect
Neil Hollands - civil engineer
Dan Burch - structural engineer
Chris Perry - electrical engineer
Matt Thomas - surveyor
Haley McMinn
Megan McMinn

TopoClient Presentation Children's House Floor PlanInspecting the SiteSurveying Client Presentation

Project Video

Media & Ministry Reports

UBC Engineering student helps design a world of hope
University of British Columbia (June 2012)

Nicholas Dunning Helps Design a World of Hope in Tanzania
Abbotsford Today (June 20, 2012)

Original Project Scope
Upendo has been operating a current orphanage with about 23 children out of rented houses, and they continually receive requests to take in more.  Usually these requests come from families that can no longer care for their own children, the police department that has found unwanted children on the streets, or children who suddenly arrive on the shelter’s door step. 

Yet, even with such a noticeable need, Upendo is unable to take in any additional children as the orphanage finds itself facing another potential move.  The rental property is on a year to year lease, and if improvements are made to the property, the landlord sees the possibility of more money and so would increase rents or end the lease to rent or sell it to someone else. Global Aid Network (GAiN) feels that in order to upgrade the ministry, Upendo needs to have its own facilities and build a permanent location for the orphanage.  Constructing this new shelter would eliminate the instability caused from constant moves and will give GAiN an opportunity to look at different approaches in providing care for these children.

GAiN currently owns 1 acre of land, with the possibility of purchasing an additional acre.  They hope to build a permanent orphanage to accommodate approximately 50 children with facilities for house parents, and, if space and budget allow, a place to house small groups who come to minister to the children or work in the orphanage and the surrounding community.

Building a permanent location for the children at Upendo , there is a tremendous opportunity to not only continue meeting their physical and spiritual needs, but also provide the stability and security these children have never truly experienced.  Will you be part of the team to help design their vision?

 Project Location:

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