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  Project Profile
  Malawi (Thondwe)

Bible School & Conference Centre
Namikango Mission
eMiC Project 10052

June 11-22, 2015

Project Status
July 2015: Design Underway

Project Team
Steve Ulrich - eMiC team lead
Eleanor Siow - eMiC intern
Jessica Yee - eMiC intern
Richard Derksen - architect
Adrienne Huang - architect
David Inlow - structural engineer
William T. Sprague - civil engineer
Stephen Berkin - civil engineer
Nathan Wiebe - electrical engineer
Martin Ludaga - surveyor
Gerard Schmidtke - surveyor


Photo Album

Project Video

Media & Ministry Reports

Architecture: Jessica Yee
McGill News Alumnotes (Fall-Winter 2015)

Engineering ministry refurbishes African Bible school campus
ChristianWeek (August 26, 2015)

Original Project Scope
Namikango Mission began over 50 years ago on the 90 acres of land that makes up the Namikango Campus.  It exists to train effective church leaders to carry out Christ-centred ministry by excellence in teaching and by modeling the life of Jesus Christ to the church and community through service and evangelism.  Though its primary interest has always been the training of church workers in the Bible School, Namikango has continued its educational and medical work and has encouraged local churches in Southern Malaŵi and Mozambique through church visits and special meetings. 

The aging facilities of the Namikango Campus have served them well, but it’s time to update the buildings, as well as to look at sustainability projects for some of the unused land.  The projects ideas that they are moving forward with have come from people and communities that they serve.  Will you use your technical skills to empower the people and churches Namikango works with to share Jesus with their communities through service and teaching?


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