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  Argentina (Mercedes)

Proyecto Herencia de Amor (Project Legacy of Love)
eMiC Project 10059

February 10-20, 2017

Steve Ulrich
phone: 403.202.3642

Project Team:

  • Steve Ulrich - EMIC Team Lead
  • Emanuel Reich - EMIC Intern
  • Kristian Cusimano - EMIC Intern
  • Fred Worley - Architect
  • Lina Chong - Architect
  • Paula Giardelli - Jr Architect
  • Neil Hollands - Civil Engineer
  • Kaitlyn Kooy - Jr Civil Engineer
  • Cecil Rickstrew - Structural Engineer
  • Roay Farley - Surveyor
  • Original Project Scope:
    The Rev Miguel Alberto Segovia devoted fifty years of his life spreading the gospel in Argentina and other countries.  He believed fervently that with early intervention, children can overcome in life and be a blessing not only to their families but also to the society in which they live.  To this end, he bought a five-acre property on the banks of the city of Mercedes with the intent of building a school for underprivileged children.  Before he passed away, he delegated this project to his daughter Esther, and she and her husband Luis founded Proyecto Herencia de Amor (Project Legacy of Love) to fulfill her father’s dream.

    The purpose of Proyecto Herencia de Amor is to provide education, nutrition and development to the underprivileged children from the surrounding neighborhoods of their project.  Building on weekend workshops for children that Proyecto Herencia de Amor currently offers, the organization hopes to operate a school for underprivileged children from age 3 to elementary school completion, eventually serving 225 children.  Their first priority is the preschool program.

    Proyecto Herencia de Amor is seeking help with the re-design of the preschool, as well as master planning for the entire site.  The previous preschool design was not meeting the specified regulations from the Board of Education of Argentina, so the project was halted until they have a new design.

    Will you help us master plan this five acres site and design the preschool so that Proyecto Herencia de Amor can leave a legacy of love for the children of Mercedes?

    approximately $2,800 USD


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