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Designs to change their future

Change a Future

In a world of physical and spiritual poverty, eMi designs a world of hope.

Our projects change lives and futures by building the capacity of ministries serving the poorest of the poor throughout the developing world.

Will you invest in one of our projects? It takes $10,000 to mobilize a project team to fill that critical need for professional expertise between the vision and implementation of a development project.

Sponsors are invited to underwrite any portion of the project cost, the full cost of an eMi project, or multiple projects. Together, we can change a future!


"There are very few opportunities that you can invest into that provides such great dividends" - eMi Client Ministry

Our Model

For each project underwritten, eMi Canada is able to provide professional services valued at an average of about $80,000 to the organization being served. Our volunteers donate their time and travel costs to join our teams, adding their expertise and insight to give our clients the best designs possible, and leveraging your donations to make a significant impact in the developing world.

Each project goes through an extensive approval process to ensure that the services provided by eMi will improve the lives of the poorest of the poor. Team members are recruited to meet the unique design requirements for the specific project. And each team produces a project report containing the information required to understand the ministry and its vision, and the architectural and engineering drawings required to construct the project.

Donations can by made on-line, via EFT (automatic bank account withdrawal), or by cheque made out to eMi Canada and mailed to Suite 201, 625-14th Street NW, Calgary, Alberta, T2N 2A1.

Read more about our current projects or browse our project archives.


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