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  Braden & Liz Swab

Braden Swab

Braden - Project Co-leader/Intern Program Director

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Braden's Story
Braden, a geomatics engineer, has felt called to a missions-based career since high school. In June 2011, after researching how he could combine his faith and his geomatics degree, Braden joined an eMi project trip to Mirebalais, Haiti, surveying 4 acres of land as part of a team serving Haiti’s Children’s Home. God opened his eyes to some amazing things in Haiti and began to pull his heart in a new direction—full-time staff with eMi.

Braden volunteered on a second project trip to Danli, Honduras in February 2012, joined by his wife Liz. As the couple surveyed 65 acres of land for the Munoz Ministries’ future missionary base, this experience confirmed their own future with eMi. Braden joined staff part-time in the spring of 2013 and transitioned to full-time in the spring of 2015.

Based in Calgary, Braden directs in eMi Canada intern program and joins project teams as a co-leader when appropriate. He has co-led projects to Guatemala and Cambodia, as well as leading a team of surveyors to train Ugandans as part of EMI's Survey Practicum Program in April 2016. Braden also assists with project development and produces many of the videos of eMi Canada projects and events.

Liz is also using her skills in journalism, writing and administration to help with communications and event planning for Engineering Ministries International.

eMi Project Portfolio
UGANDA (Mukono) 2016
Survey Practicum
CAMBODIA (Phnom Penh) 2016
Ministry Centre
GUATEMALA (Tactic) 2015
DR CONGO (Bunia) 2014
Campus Development
HONDURAS (Danli) 2012
Missions Base & Training Center
HAITI (Mirebalais) 2011

Joined eMi staff


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