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  Kathleen & Colin Wassenaar

Kathleen Wassenaar

Kathleen - Project Engineer

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Kathleen's Story

Kathleen entered university studying Environmental Studies with an eager desire to save the world. During her first week of school, she committed her life to Christ. Two years later, God clearly told Kathleen to study Engineering to do ministry. She had no idea what that meant or why she needed to become an engineer to tell others about Jesus.

Obediently, she quit studying Environmental Studies and started fresh in an Environmental Engineering program at the University of Waterloo and graduated in 2012. During that time, she heard about EMI and went on her first project trip in 2013. After working as a Geotechnical Engineer in the Yukon territory for 3 years, God prompted her and her husband Colin to consider joining eMi full time.

Kathleen and Colin are excited to be part of the EMI Southeast Asia launch team and look forward to experiencing God in that culture and being part of God's ministry in Southeast Asia.

eMi Project Portfolio
NIGER (Galmi) 2016 Hospital Redevelopment Project Phase III
INDIA (Tamil Nadu) 2015 Vocational Training Centre
NEPAL (Padampokhari) 2013 Irrigation Feasibility Study

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