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Examining existing electrical in Niger

The Tools You Need

EMI Canada Brochure (.pdf)
EMI Overview Presentation (.ppt)
EMI Volunteer Trip Presentation Template (.ppt)
Poverty Presentation (.pdf)
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Trip Preparation
EMI Trip Guide (.pdf)
EMIC Travel Agreement (.pdf)
EMIC Travel Agreement (Minors) (.pdf)
Personal Contact Info Form (.doc)
Trip Packing List (.pdf)
Typical EMI Trip Summary (.pdf)
Typical In-Country Design Presentation (.ppt)
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Fundraising & Support Team
Sample Fundraising Letter (.pdf)
Volunteer Pledge Form (.pdf)
CanadaHelps GivingPages
Project Trip Prayer Guide (.pdf)
Support Raising Presentation (.pdf)
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Technical Design
Developing World Design (.ppt)

Architectural / Structural Design Questions (.doc)
Learning Spaces Pt-1 (.pdf)
Learning Spaces Pt-2 (.pdf)
Learning Spaces Pt-3 (.pdf)
Living Spaces (.pdf)

Civil Design Questions (.doc)
Electrical Power (.pdf)
Electrial Power outline (.pdf)
Keeping It Clean W & WW Design (.pdf)
Making it stand (.pdf)
Lifewater Documents on Water Supply and Sanitation

Disaster Response
Building Evaluation (.pdf)
Communications (.pdf)
Communications outline (.pdf)
Disaster Response Lessons Learned (.pdf)
Disaster Response l (.pdf)
DR Timeline (.pdf)
Shelter Design (.pdf)
Shelter Forum (.pdf)
Water & Sanitation in DR (.pdf)

Construction Management
Construction Management (.pdf)
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Software Downloads
Adobe Acrobat Reader (for pdf files)
Powerpoint Viewer (for ppt files)
Google SketchUp
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